Playing golf is a great way to stay in shape and reduce stress, so plenty of people, young and old, are looking to take up the sport. The problem for a lot of them is that they live in the middle of a densely populated area. How do they find a course they can play on to practice their skills? There are thousands of golf courses all over the world. We can help you find one to play on no matter where you are.

If you belong to the internet generation, it's the work of but a few minutes to find a course near your home that you can play on. You can search for "golf course" and the name of your hometown on Google maps to see a display of all the courses in the area. The Golf in Canada website also has an interactive map and a search function where you can input your postal code. Golf Finder provides the same service for the United Kingdom. You can also visit the website of the Professional Golf Association at for listings and reviews of American golf courses. The reviews can be especially useful, as some have better concepts of course care and landscaping design than others.

If you're not an internet savvy person, you can find a course the old fashioned way through print media and the telephone. The Yellow Pages should have listings for all the golf courses in the same area code as your home, and the local tourist bureau should have information regarding popular courses in the area. The tourist bureau is the best place to go for golf course information, even if you're not a tourist, because golf course owners will bring their brochures down and display them to catch the eyes of visitors. You can collect them and learn all about the courses.

If you're looking to play on a golf course while you're on vacation or out of town attending a conference for instance, you should contact the local tourist bureau by phone and request an information package. They can mail or email you the appropriate brochures. Sometimes they'll even be able you to offer special packages combining green fees and accommodations. If you're taking a trip specifically to go golfing, pick up some magazines, like Golf, Golf Digest, or Golf and Travel to find out about some courses that interest you.

When you're looking for a golf course, remember that golf courses can be owned and operated in a variety of ways. Some clubs are private and require memberships. You wouldn't be able to golf on these courses if you were only in town to look at real estate or job postings unless you were invited by a member. Others are public. All have green fees though, so make sure they're in your budget range before you go.

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