On a nice sunny summer day you will see all sorts of people on the golf course. Some are there for a weekly game with their best friends while others are using the activity to strike a deal with for a major American corporation or even the small business they run. Whatever the reason for hitting the links many people might be surprised at how many health and fitness benefits there actually are associated with this sport. Here are some of the top reasons to play the game.

Everyone is supposed to exercise at least twenty minutes a day but sometimes it seems like more than a chore to drag yourself to the gym and step on the treadmill. Golf is a fun way to get in that exercise. You could head out for nine holes on the weekend or just practice your driving and putting between games. If you want to up the amount of exercise that you're getting than you can leave the golf cart at the clubhouse and walk the course instead. Even carrying your own bag will provide you with great exercise benefits.

Golf is a sport that's difficult to get very good at but is a great stress relief for players at all levels. If you're working in a stressful job, maybe for an unemployment clinic (such as here) or as a person injury lawyer (example here), than you likely need to find some way to unwind at the end of the day. Taking a few hours to enjoy this activity can really do the trick and prepare you for the rest of your evening. Research has even shown that it can be beneficial for those that have trouble falling asleep at night. It will also allow you to get more quality sleep so that you're better prepared to go to work or compete in a sporting tournament the next day.

Experts are now saying that a full round of golf is equal in exercise to a forty-five minute intensive fitness class. While you might not have time between work and getting home to install that new instant water heater to play more than once a week, it's still worth it to get on the course when you can. And if you're retired this is a great low-impact sport that is easy on the joints. It can lower cholesterol levels, get your heart pumping and rev up your metabolism.

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