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There are millions of people who enjoy playing a good game of golf. Some use it as the perfect way to relax with friends on the weekend after working hard all week and others are making deals with others from the office. But before you can play for any reason, you need to choose the right course and pick a tee off time. Here are some tips to help that will help you do that no matter who you're playing with.

The first thing you should do is to decide how much you want to spend on your game. If you own your own business you might be taking a client out to work on a business deal. That means you're going to want to choose a place that's cost efficient while still being comfortable for your clients. This will usually mean choosing a place that includes some sort of clubhouse or restaurant where you can have a drink or some food to finalize your work dealings without needing to do that directly on the course.

If you're more the type of person to head out golfing at the end of a long day or work with some friends that you might not need to worry as much about choosing somewhere that's impressive and accommodating in that way. Those that go golfing with the same group often might even want to rotate between a series of courses in the area. One week you might save some money going to the nine-hole course and others might spend a little more and go play the big popular 18 hole courses.

When you're choosing a tee off time the main thing is going to be making sure that you have enough time to get through the whole game without feeling rushed. Most experts estimate that it takes about four hours to play 18 holes on the average day. This means that if you're playing after getting out the pruning tools and working in the garden on a Saturday than you are still going to want to go early enough that you're not playing the last three holes in the dark.

When calling to book a tee off time you should inquire about how many other groups are booked for around the same time. This will tell you if you're likely to be there for more or less than this four-hour mark. If you're playing alone on an empty course you can finish a game in two and a half hours but a foursome on a busy day could be there for a whole morning. If you have a meeting to discuss work, or are organizing a tournament then you should leave an extra hour on the end of the time just in case.

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